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    MiS Micro-Stimulation® (MiS) gently stimulates the nerve tracts to activate the neurons in the brain stem, connecting the brain with the spinal cord to allow the mind and body to effortlessly begin the five stages of sleep. With every movement you make, be it a change in your sleeping position or a deep exhale, MiS responds instantaneously with a micro-sized counter movement. MiS works in unison with your body to perfectly balance and align your body throughout the night, improving your blood flow and circulation, mobility and body perception, and ultimately restoring and rejuvenating your joints and muscles.

    Mattress Solutions

    Parkinson’s Care

    Quality of life – despite Parkinson’s

    Spending the day in a relaxed and structured way

    The diagnosis often is unexpected, and has an immediate effect on a person‘s daily life. Besides the muscle tension typical of the illness, extreme fatigue decreases a person‘s quality of life. Many activities of everyday life become difficult.

    Documented experience reports

    Experience reports about the efficiency of Thevo Therapeutic matresses for Parkinson’s patients.

    Improved sleep with the Parkinson’s Mattress

    • MiS Micro-Stimulation® relaxes muscles
    • Tiny movements maintain mobility
    • Decrease night sweats
    • Easier to sit up and change positions

    Mattress Features

    Each Thevo sleeping surface is created from unparalleled open-celled comfort foam that’s found nowhere else in the world. With every breath you take, air passes through the mattress to ventilate your body and keep you cool.

    In order for your body to be in perfect equilibrium you need more support for your torso than you need for your head. An ordinary mattress has enough support for your torso, but causes too much pressure against your neck and head. Our therapeutic mattresses are designed to provide the optimum support for each area.

    Much like today’s high-tech sports apparel, the Jersey mattress cover is made from a unique “dry fit” material that allows just enough airflow for improved ventilation. This keeps your mattress clean, cool, and comforting all night long. The soft breathable Jersey cover can be easily zipped off and put in the washer, keeping your mattress clean, free of dust mites and allergens.

    Other mattress companies spray toxic chemicals on their mattresses to pass fire tests, but we don’t believe in unhealthy, harsh and cheap solutions. Instead, we use a toxic-free fire repelling fabric. No off gassing, no “airing out your mattress”, no digesting toxic pollutants!

    Thevo Therapeutic Mattresses keep your brain fit!

    The Thevo Therapeutic Mattresses automatically convey the slightest movement of the person – even breathing – into micro-sized counter movements.
    This MiS Micro-Stimulation provides the patient with improved body perception, promotes blood flow, and supports mobility – keys to restorative sleep.
    This is especially important for patients with advance aged, and those with special needs.

    The mattress cannot do it alone:

    The difference is the suspension framework of the Thevo Therapeutic Beds. The unique technology of the integrated MiS Micro-Stimulation is the key to better sleep!

    Therapeutic Mattresses

    Therapeutic Mattresses, stimulate the body to improve recovery, well-being and quality of sleep due to their unique, patented constructions.

    Before without Thevo: Many awake moments

    After with Thevo Therapeutic Mattresses: more restorative sleep